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Hailstorms Are Coming!
What Should You Do If Your Home Is Hit By Hail?
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Call Us For A Free Hail Damage Inspection

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You May Think It's minor, But.. 

Even Some Hail Damage Could Indicate A Problem

Hail damage to your roof indicates that the roofing material has deteriorated to a point that it is no longer protecting your house.  By calling for a hail damage inspection you may find that the whole cost of a new roof may be covered by your insurance.  If you wait too long to put in the claim, it may be denied.
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What Should You Do Next?
This 30 second video might give you a few pointers.  We'll also show you a special offer.

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Colorado Grows Them Bigger 

Hailstorms in Colorado Cause Massive Damage Every Year

Every year homes are damaged by hail and the damage goes undetected by homeowners.  Then, they find they may have to replace a roof damaged by hail but the allowable claims period is past, forcing them to pay for the new roof out of their own pocket.
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If you've just been hit by a hailstorm, within a few days, you're likely to be visited by roving roofing salespeople representing out-of-state roofing companies.  If you experience problems with your roofing job, you'll never find them afterwards.
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How Do You Find A Contractor?

Watch This Expert Interview From The Denver Business Review

Find out the three things that you need to know when you are looking for a contractor that you can trust to repair your hailstorm damaged roof.

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How Do You Know If You Can Trust Integrity Xteriors?
Bill W.
I don't have to worry about the quality of work. When I am present, the workers are pleasant and considerate..
Eileen R.

We used Integrity Xteriors to replace our roof and fix other parts of our house damaged by the July 2016 hail storm in Castle Rock. They were great!
David S.
We have worked with this company for several years and continue to be very satisfied with their work, their very competitive pricing and they way they do their work. They are super fast in responding, always do great work and we have never had any issues with this company even long after the work is complete. 
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